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SpeedyW takes care of your WordPress based websites.  We help you to to secure, speed up, backup, fix and improve your website while you focus on other aspects of your business.

Unlimited Small Tasks

Unlimited small tasks. Task completion under 6 hours.


We’ll fix your site when something breaks. We’ll keep a watch full eye if your site goes down we’ll restore it back.

Speed Up

We’ll speed up your website and keep it well tuned.


We’ll secure your website and run security audits every month. If someone hacks your website we’ll bring it back.

We become an extension of your team that is available 24/7

How does it Work?

Signup with Us

Send the task via Email. One task per email.

Task is completed the same day within 6 hours.

Before and After Comparision

Your Website Before Joining SpeedyW

  • Speed 30%
  • Security 20%
  • Disaster Recovery 0%
  • Development Tasks 0%
  • Proactive Plugin Updates 0%
  • Proactive WordPress Updates 0%
*This is just to give you an idea. Actual improvement percentages may differ.

Your website after Joining SpeedyW

  • Speed 95%
  • Security 85%
  • Disaster Recovery 100%
  • Development Tasks 90%
  • Pro Active Plugin Updates 100%
  • Pro Active WordPress Updates 100%

We’ll return 100% of your money if you feel we did not deliver on our promises.  We take pride in quality and speed of our work.

With our Pro plan we over deliver in a huge way. For less than what others charge for one plugin installation we improve, fix, update, back up, speed up, and secure your website. Awesome isn't it?

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The Team

Meet Umair

Crazy about website speed and security he is on mission to discover new ways he can secure or speed up a website. Umair has been fixing, securing and optimizing WordPress based websites for over 8 years.

Meet Adnan

Adnan is the real programmer in the team.  When he’s not persuading people to use all kinds of weird food and exercises he helps SpeedyW clients with their websites.

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These days almost everyone seems to have authentic testimonials on their sites, even those who started just yesterday. We did not want to be left behind so, we requested some of our best customers to vouch for us.

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Your Questions

How can SpeedyW help me?

We’re WordPress support, security and optimization experts. Our team has fixed broken websites, setup backup mechanisms, optimized websites to save hosting costs, increase speed, improve user experience and increase search engine rankings.

If you are unsure if we can help you then please send us an email or use the live chat to see if and how can we help you.

How can you provide unlimited service?

We don’t limit the number of small tasks (<30 min per task) you can send us. Just don’t take undue advantage of it. We’re part of your team. We will let you know if you’re sending us too many tasks.



What's monthly Optimization & Security?

Most WordPress website owners add new content or make changes day after day. It’s not enough to secure or optimize the site just once. Over a period of time your site will become slower and may develop security weaknesses because of regular changes.

If you want your website to have consistent speeds and security then sigup for our PRO plan.

What’s the average task completion time?

Normally tasks are completed the same day within 6 hours. There are some tasks that may take longer. If a task is sent on the weekend we do it on Monday. In case the task is deemed critical by us we do it on the weekend.

Can you build a new website for us?

Yes we can but not in our regular plans. Please get in touch via the contact page our use our live chat to know more.

How many websites does each plan support?

We support one WordPress website per plan. If you have more than one website then you’ll need to purchase more plans.

How does 24/7 work?

We manage tasks 24/7. You can email us the task any time of day and we’ll complete it within 6 hours. We work from Monday to Friday but are available on the weekends if we deem the task to be critical.

How long does it take to get started once I sign up?

As soon as you sign up our team gets your task in their queue and they usually complete it within 6 hours.

What kind of tasks SpeedyW does and does not take?

Generally if a task will take around 30 minutes to complete we’ll do it. If a task is more time consuming then that won’t be covered by the service.

How do you ensure data protection?

The owner, Umair, makes sure all client data is encrypted when it’s with us and our employees are only authorized to work on client websites when their background checks have been done. All our machines use genuine software, have auto updating antivirus and firewall. All client data is put on a cloud drive that is encrypted using industrial strength encryption. We also have anti key loggers.

We’re very strict in how we handle client data and websites. We’re close to being paranoid about it and make sure when you sign up with us you also follow certain security protocols to make sure your website and business is better protected.

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